All about Eggs

  • If you want to save your egg yolks after separating, preserve them by putting them in a small bowl and add two tablespoons of SPAR Sunflower Oil. Cover and refrigerate. The yolks will remain soft and fresh.
  • A fun way to separate eggs. Use an empty SPAR water bottle.  Squeeze out a little air.  Place it over a cracked egg and voila just the yolk is sucked up intact.
  • After beating egg whites do not tap the beater on the bowl. It causes the egg whites to lose a lot of their fluffiness.
  • Eggs will beat up fluffier if they are at room temperature before beating.  This makes lighter meringues and better sponge cakes.
  • To test whether an egg is hard-boiled, spin it. If it spins, it is hard-boiled; if it wobbles and will not spin it is raw.
  • Cut hard boiled eggs with a knife dipped in water first and the yolk won’t break.
  • Egg whites won't run while boiling or poaching if you'll add a little Spar white vinegar to the water.  Remember to make sure you use fresh eggs.
  • Egg shells can be easily removed from hard-boiled eggs if they are quickly rinsed in cold water first.  It also helps to put a little SPAR White Spirit Vinegar in the water you boil them in.

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