Pet Care Tips

Here are some useful tips to give your best friend the very best care

  • Pet Aerobics; take a dog for a walk or simply chasing your kitten around are fun ways to keep both you and your pet fit and healthy.
  • Feeding time;  try feeding your pet when you eat, so he or she wont bother you for bits and bites at the dinner table.
  • Cat care:  Grooming is good!  Brush your cats hair regularly, it prevents hair ball, stimulates your cats blood flow and allows for some good bonding time.
  • Dog care:  dogs and puppies jump up to say hello, because they’re trying to greet you “nose to nose”, the same way they would greet another dog.
  • Bird care:  Did you know that your budgie could live up to the age of 20!  That’s a big commitment, so take good care of your pet.  House your budgie in a cage with enough space to fly around and stretch its wings.  Keeping more than one budgie is good as they love companionship.

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