An Introduction to the world of Olive Oil

Here's what you need to know…

SPAR has an extensive range of top quality extra virgin olive oils to choose from. Extra virgin olive oil such as ours, is known as ‘first cold pressed’ oil –
• ‘first’ because it comes from the first round of extraction
• ‘cold’ because the olives are kept no higher than 27.7ºC
• ‘pressed’ refers to the method of extraction.

No heat or chemicals are used to alter or destroy any of the oil’s precious flavours and aromas retaining it’s full nutritional value.


‘Virgin’ means oil made by simply pressing olives. It didn’t undergo any of the industrial processes used to make ‘refined’ oils such as canola, sunflower, soybean and the lower grades of olive oil labelled ‘Pure’, ‘Light’ and simply ‘Olive Oil’.

‘Extra Virgin’ olive oil is mechanically pressed (or cold pressed) rather than being produced by chemical means. It has an acidity level of less than 0.8%, which is lower than Virgin Olive Oil which has an acidity of less than 2%. It often uses slightly riper olives and is tasted for flavour before being certified.

When selecting a bottle of olive oil, keep an eye out for a dark or tinted glass bottle. Unlike clear glass or plastic, dark glass prevents light from entering the bottle, preventing it from tasting rancid or bitter.
To prevent your favourite bottle from going rancid, eliminate heat, air and light, by storing in a cool, dark place away from the hot stove, or other hot appliances.