No complicated recipes here. With SPAR Freshline it’s just so easy.


The taste of Christmas

Winner of the Sunday Times food award for the best mince pies 2017 and 2018. Treat family and friends to South Africa’s best mince pies. No-one can resistour brandied fruit mince encased in melt-in-your-mouth pastry. We also have a selection of indulgent, delicious Christmas goodies. From Christmas Pudding to fruit cake, biscuits and more. All baked to perfection, so you can serve up Christmas with ease and flair. Our Christmas cakes also make awesome Christmas gifts.


A Fondueful Surprise!

Wondering what can you serve with that cheese fondue you’ve wanted to try? Answer: Almost anything! Still not sure? Try with slices of SPAR Freshline Apples and pieces of fried or fresh bread. Alternatively, the cheese sauce could also be served over a grilled SPAR Freshline Brown Mushroom. You’ll be wonderfully surprised!


For the love of hot cross buns

Put a fun new twist on an Easter classic, the hot cross bun. Take your family recipe for bread and butter pudding and just substitute boring old bread with any one of SPAR Freshline’s scrumptious hot cross bun flavours. Surprise them all with your Easter creativity and you’ll be the talk of the family chat group.


A little TLC (tender love and cake)

There’s nothing sweeter than sharing our luxurious SPAR Freshline cakes with those closest to your heart and nothing says “I love you” quite like our decadent red velvet cake. Light, moist and rich in flavour, this slice of heaven will have your taste buds tingling for more. It’s truly love at first bite!


We'll cater your Christmas

You’re busy enough. Stay out the kitchen. Take home our fabulous fruit cakes, luxury biscuits and soetkoekies or our famous mince pies. We have a traditional Christmas pud everyone will approve of, or make a Christmas Pavlova with our meringue base. Cupcakes, trifle sponge and Christmas logs round out our festive fare. Start a new stress-free, no-bake tradition this Christmas.


The more the berrier

Berries are like Mother Nature’s treats, juicy, sweet and mouthwatering. Blueberries are the hidden gems of the berry world, bursting with goodness. Grab a pack of SPAR Freshline Blueberries and add some flavour to your breakfasts, baking and desserts!


Don’t just celebrate Women’s Day

Finished a great book? Iced soetkoekies! Survived a crazy day? Nutty-fudge butter shortbread stat! Changed the car tire (quickly)? Slice the strawberry cheesecake (as quickly). Had a really great hair day? Definitely death by chocolate sponge cake. Reward yourself with SPAR Freshline goodness everyday, easily.


Relax. Soup’s in the bag.

We do a delicious range of chopped and ready-to-cook soups. Pop the raw ingredients into a soup pot and add liquid stock. Home cooked with none of the hassle. Then you can snip, pour and heat up with SPAR Freshline’s nutritious, ready-to-heat soups. We do all your favourite flavours like butternut, minestrone and mushroom. Or try new curried cauliflower & fennel, pea, baby marrow & mint, carrot, sundried tomato & sweetcorn, or Thai butternut soup. 


Get your just desserts

And make sure everyone else does too. You like Lemon Cheese Cake or Blueberries? What about classics like Trifle and Tin Roof Dessert? We do amazing Carrot, Caramel and Chocolate Desserts. Or heat things up with Malva, Sticky Toffee, Chocolate and Bread & Butter Pudding. Everyone’s favourites. Always delicious, anytime.


Make Easter lunch a brunch

Make the weekend even more relaxing: combine breakfast and lunch. On the sweet side, Freshline Speckled Egg Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate Log Cake and don’t forget the hot cross buns (try Freshline’s new Caramel & Chocolate Flavour and Raisin-free). On the savoury side add Chili & Cheese Muffins and a Caramelised Onion & Feta Quiche. Easter made easy.


Entertain the teens like a boss

Got a pack of teens to feed? Throw some pizzas in the oven. We’ve got Freshline Pepperoni&Cheese, Mince Bolognaise, Ham&Mushroom, Vegetarian and Margarita. And if they’re still howling for more offer them Freshline Cappuccino Flavoured Brownies and Chocolate Brownies. Because there’s nothing as well behaved as a well-fed teen.


Toss these salads in the lunch bag

Making sure you eat a healthy lunch means being prepared. And that’s our job, with a delicious variety of prepared SPAR Freshline salads. There’s a different one for everyday of the week. Try roast veg & cous cous, Greek pasta salad with pesto, smoked chicken & spinach or lentils &chickpea. Healthy has never been this easy.


Need dinner Chop-Chop?

Let’s do Stir-fry. Fry chicken or pork fillet strips in hot oil with fresh garlic and a dash of soya sauce. Prep some 2-minute noodles. Then choose a bag of Freshline stir-fry (Julienne Stir-fry, Pineapple Stir-fry, Simply Veg Stir-fry, Sweetcorn Stir-fry, Stir-fry Mix, Value Stir-fry), add to the wok, and stir it all up and enjoy!

Freshline Jalapeno or Biltong Braai Rolls on the braai for snacks. Freshline Pre-cut Mini Sweet Corn on the braai with the meat. Freshline Summer salad for 4 and a Freshline Olive Ciabatta on the table. Finish it off with Freshline Strawberry Cheescake for dessert.


High Tea, Tough Crowd, No Time?

Make it an international Freshline event and fly these flags (all you need to do is fill the kettle).
Cocktail Koeksisters
Mini Milk Tarts
Bar One Cake
Madeira Cake
Apple Danish
Mini Chocolate Swiss Rolls
Boston Fruit and Nut Loaf
Chocolate Brownies


His and Hers Freshline No Cooking Valentine’s Day Tips

Freshline Croissants and Cappuccino Muffins with coffee (for him)
Luxury Freshline Bouquet (for her)
Freshline Beef Mince Sub in the lunchbox (for him)
Red Velvet Cupcakes for tea (for her)
Freshline Chocolate Dessert for 2 (for both of you)


Savoury Easter snack

Easter snacks and treats don’t always have to be super sweet. Try this mouth-wateringly easy appetiser. Simply grab a pack of SPAR Freshline Eggplant, some parmesan, garlic, mozzarella and Napoletana sauce. Slice, bake, sprinkle and enjoy. Thanks to SPAR Freshline, you can now keep those with a sweet and savoury tooth happy this Easter.