Store Formats

A store format to suit your business needs

  • 909 stores
  • 774 TOPS at SPAR
  • 387 Build it outlets
  • 113 Pharmacies

What SPAR offers

Imagine the possibilities

With SPAR you will be an independent retailer with all the benefits of being part of a major group and international brand. There are 3 main formats to choose from, with various options available to expand or diversify your business.





Your neighbourhood favourite

  • Selling area: 600m2 - 1300m2
  • Competitively priced
  • Comprehensive range of groceries
  • Fresh produce, Bakery, Butchery, Deli 


A one-stop superstore

  • Selling area: 1300m+
  • Put independant retailers in a position to compete with the corporate chain stores. 
  • Full range of groceries and general merchandise
  • Fresh produce, Bakery, Butchery, Deli and Meal Solutions
  • Wine


Everyday convenience

  • Selling area: 250m2 - 600m2
  • Quick stop shopping
  • Deli, Bakery, Home Meal Replacements


Keeping you healthy

  • Selling area: 145m2 incl retail space
  • Trading density: 7245



Excellent value for money

Focused on the rural and township market, SaveMor gives existing small store owners the opportunity of converting their store into a SaveMor store. SaveMor provides a basic product range of food and other items at really competitive prices.

Other store formats


Qualify for a SPAR liquor outlet and expand your business

Following the phenomenal growth of our SPAR stores, we launched our very own branded liquor outlets. As a SPAR storeowner, you will automatically qualify to own a TOPS at SPAR liquor outlet. Owning a TOPS at SPAR store includes many of the amazing benefits associated with SPAR. These benefits include; access to bulk buying, consolidated multiple deliveries of stock, and on-going national marketing promotions and advertising. We’re proud to say that TOPS at SPAR is the only liquor business that’s represented on a truly national basis, boasting the highest number of retail liquor outlets in the country.     


Build a brighter future

SPAR is proud to have Build It as its hardware and builders’ merchant offering. Build it offers quality and affordability, servicing mainly the LSM 4, 5 and 6 markets. Started in 1986, and true to its vision of dominating the supply of basic building materials to home builders in South Africa – Build it now has over 387 stores countrywide with an impressive R13.3 billion turnover. Owning a BUILD IT as part of your business portfolio is sure to generate outstanding returns.  


Keeping you healthy

Caring and family wellbeing has always been a massive part of SPAR as a company, and everybody loves convenience. That’s why SPAR has capitalised on its market position with the introduction of PHARMACY @ SPAR – aimed at consolidating the one stop shopping experience.